Published On: March 28, 2024

Second progress meeting in Munich

After one year of the SAFEST launch, the project consortium gathered in Munich for its second progress meeting, which took place from March 13th to 14th at embedded brains facilities. This meeting served as an opportunity for partners, including Sener Aeroespacial, FENTISS, and embedded brains, who met in person, as well as Isar Aerospace, INCAS, and KU LEUVEN (which joined virtually), to share the latest updates on the development of the project.

The meeting was relevant in order to advance in the project’s objectives of reducing dependency on human intervention and lowering barriers to entry into the European launcher market. This initiative aims to either establish a new European space launcher sector or expand the existing one and consortium members endorsed their commitment on this during the meeting.

Over two days of work, the SAFEST team collaborated to devise a plan for the project’s progression. The presence of professionals from various sectors enhanced discussions with diverse viewpoints, fostering a cooperative atmosphere.

The second progress meeting provided an opportunity to highlight the evolution of the project. Task leaders presented their developments within their respective work packages and outlined upcoming activities scheduled for the following months. Participants engaged in substantive conversations to get all chances to get optimal outcomes.

To achieve its goals, the SAFEST consortium utilizes high-quality tools such as the Autonomous Flight Termination Unit (AFTU) and the Multi-layer approach for Integrated Avionics (MIA), ensuring proper functioning and progress towards project objectives. The commendable efforts and collaboration demonstrated during the meeting underscore SAFEST’s dedication to overcoming practical obstacles and boosting Europe’s leadership in technology advancement with these tools.

Now it is time to keep working together and, as the project advances, you can stay updated with SAFEST by visiting our website and following us on social media!

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